Connie Comber

Founding Positive Steps Mentor

Connie Comber began her career with a Social Work degree from UNSW. She spent the first decade of her working life in the social service sector, including family counselling and community service design. She was commissioned by the Federal Government to undertake the first qualitative study in the retirement village industry in Australia.

Connie has spent many years gaining experience across different areas of the business world; consulting, senior corporate life, property and real estate; owning and operating her own businesses including as a business mentor and life coach.

Connie is a Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS) and a member of the Elder Mediation Australasian Network (EMAN).

Connie has also supported her own parents through their major transition from independent times into supported living and all that entailed. She has been sought out by many friends’ and their families during similar times to share her particular expertise and counsel.

Connie is devoted to putting the heart back into the business world and bringing out the untapped potential in difficult changes - to everyone's benefit.

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