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We can help the whole family work everything through

When a family faces decisions about later life issues, it can become difficult to communicate and even more so, to make decisions together.  There are different perspectives and intense emotions involved.  Facilitated (and if needed mediated) family meetings enable families to make decisions in a way that can both prepare for the future and preserve relationships.

Our Mediators are professionals familiar with the ageing process, later-life change impact and all the issues involved in that.  We facilitate family discussions and ensure that the rights and wishes of the older person are respected.  Difficult topics can be addressed in a safe and constructive process.

The kind of topics likely to be covered in a family meeting could include:

  • 1


    The level of care that may be needed for a loved one

  • 2

    Living Arrangements

    Living arrangements and nursing home decisions

  • 3


    Care giving roles and responsibilities

  • 4


    Conflicting perceptions, interpretations and values

  • 5


    Finance and bill paying

  • 6


    Personal property distribution

  • 7


    Inheritance considerations such as tax liabilities or complex legal arrangements

  • 8


    Driving and transport decisions and arrangements

  • 9


    Medical care arrangements and end-of-life decisions

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