How Do We Help?

Positive Steps provides support from experienced, caring people trained to look at ALL circumstances. We assess the best options for meeting the TOTAL needs of our later life clients (AND their family).

At Positive Steps we believe everyone in the family matters not, singularly, the elderly relative. We work on the principle that the whole family functioning effectively can make a huge difference for the older person's well-being (and for everyone's well-being!)

We provide a Family Meeting process which guides constructive 'safe' ways for the whole family to work through this difficult time (for the immediate and long-term benefit of everyone.)

We are experienced at dealing with the aged care sector, real estate agents, finance and banking professionals, solicitors and family members in a trustworthy, accountable way.

We help older people (and their families) make considered and sound decisions about their next residential steps ...

While ensuring there's a plan in place for a careful asset management strategy that meets their enduring needs.

As well as offering a general coordination service we specifically focus on;

A Family Meeting process that guides a constructive method for decision-making that's effective for the short and longer term (- it's helpful for everyone involved.)

We also provide Mediation Services from Nationally Accredited Mediators who specialise in issues arising in later life impact and aged care services.

Our Process Assists In 3 Key Ways

It's a relief to get support ...

Most people go through these decision-making phases like it's never been done before, with steep learning curves and a whole lot of surprises and pressure.

"Our experience allows us to show you a better way."

We've learnt from ...

Helping older family members, long-standing real estate and aged care sector know-how, and decades of professional, business, and mediation experience.

We've combined this with a practical system we implement to make sure you have the right support to make the right choices.

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Our Stepped Process

Take The First Steps

Call us for an easy phone conversation to review whether ...

Positive Steps can offer yourself, your family member, or your client, valuable support for the time when difficult decisions about next residential steps need to be carefully and skilfully assessed.

If that feels right, the next step is a free first consultation that holds no obligations and is guaranteed to be a Positive Step - and enjoyable experience.

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