The Positive Steps

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    We get to know our clients as whole people

    We get to know their needs, their dreams and their overall situation. This is a free first consultation in their home or our office (whichever works best). Positive Steps is a professional, fee based service, which varies according to the extent of service provided. All fees are transparent and thoroughly reviewed with each client in the first consultation. The advice is completely independent and Positive Steps has no affiliation or commission based relationship with any aged care facility, real estate agents or other providers.

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    We explore all options

    Positive Steps will explore, narrow down and lay out all options for a future change; with a clear set of guidelines as to which of those options best match each client’s needs. We will involve relevant family members, indeed, the best way forward may be to include a focus on effective family decision-making processes via a Family Meeting. As appropriate, Positive Steps will liaise with trusted friends and other service providers in the assessment process as appropriate. Positive Steps will organise, facilitate and advocate for their client in these conversations, if and wherever, that may be necessary.

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    Make the change happen!

    Where real estate may have to be bought or sold; Positive Steps will arrange and, where needed, advocate for their client with all other service providers
    e.g. real estate agents.

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    Welcome Home

    The "All is Well" party!

And of course ...

It is taken as a given that many clients have family or aged care residential considerations and these are fully included. Often, it may be family members or a service provider who ask us to help their older relative, or client.

Because these are big changes, sometimes, too, there are difficult topics or conversations to tackle in these later life steps.  We're not only OK with those, we're especially good at helping with them.

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How We Help the Whole Family

Take The First Steps

Call us for an easy phone conversation to review whether ...

Positive Steps can offer yourself, your family member, or your client, valuable support for the time when difficult decisions about next residential steps need to be carefully and skilfully assessed.

If that feels right, the next step is a free first consultation that holds no obligations and is guaranteed to be a Positive Step - and enjoyable experience.

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