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Positive Steps has a studied and experienced understanding of families at the later life stage. We offer new knowledge into how and why families struggle at this time, which influences help, or hinder, their ability to function well. These sessions offer new insights into how professional and aged care operators can better provide their services in a way that can help families function well (for everyone's benefit.)

With these valuable insights Positive Steps provides

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to professional services providers, the aged care sector (and relevant client audiences)


Why Positive Steps Training and Workshops?

The ever-expanding demographics of people reaching elderly and dependent life stages are well known. There are countless families preoccupied with critical decision-making for their elderly relative’s health and lifestyle adjustments. The impact of this throughout the extended family (offspring, siblings, grandchildren) is community wide.



While it’s implicitly acknowledged that elderly people with dependency issues require attention from their surrounding families (of probably middle-aged offspring) this demanding, often conflicted expectation is not being fully recognised. Families can be seriously strained at this time.

Additionally, this distress is not contained within family boundaries. The time consumed by these contortions in family life is costly across widespread touch-points, e.g.

aged care service staff time and energy involved often ‘caught in the middle of the family fracas’

professional service providers attending to the quagmire of family disagreements; financial planners, accountants, solicitors

distracted attention in the workplace of family members who can be quite distressed by sibling conflict

stress of the original family’s dysfunction can routinely ‘leak’ (be sublimated) into outrage “at” service providers in the form of complaints and other attention-seeking demands.

Educational training adds important value

Not only will providers be better equipped to recognize and handle family intervention needs, this provides a value-add specialty that is not currently being well-serviced. The potential for reputation building as a service provider-with-a-difference in this poorly serviced field is self-evident.

Presentations could also be offered to well-targeted audiences, for instance a collection of interested attendees in the 50+ cohort; such as, providing seminars to relevant clients on a provider’s database, or residents’ relatives meetings in aged care facilities.

Sessions Cover

  • where does dissonance in family life come from (and therefore, how does it end up so common) – including, the new scientific evidence in neuropsychology and anthropology
  • the sociology of ageing and aged care and the impact on family structures
  • financial impacts on family functioning
  • the influences of stress and conflict
  • the influences of achievement and effectiveness – difficult times handled well

Practical How To’s:

  • what needs to happen; structures, tasks, processes and monitoring
  • what can be done better
  • things to say
  • places to refer families to

Client education seminars Groups of relevant clients and their invited attendees for information workshops (educational awareness sessions)

Presentations/speaking engagements “Family Strife in Later Life. Yes, it can be handled well.”

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